Auction Listings & Sales

Notable Online Auction Sales of David Solomon originals and prints, including watercolors and oil paintings.

2021: “Lag Town” Sold by John Moran Auctioneers, Inc. $900 (Original acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 40″)

2020: “Summer Sets” Sold on eBay $1,500 (Original watercolor, 24″x30″)

2020: “Spanish Window” Sold on eBay $300 (Retouched print, 32″x24″)

2018: Untitled (Mexico coastline/homestead), Sold on for $270 (Original watercolor, 42″x52″)

2017: “Grey Days” Sold on eBay $300 (Original watercolor, 29″x22″)

2016: World Series of Poker sketch featuring actor Gabe Kaplan, Sold on eBay $99 (Original watercolor/pen, 16″x20″)

2013: “Well Seasoned” Sold on eBay $249 (Limited Edition Archival Print, 22″x28″)