Catalog Blog: Update 9/21/21

The following titles were added to the catalogue raisonne this week:

DSC-0608Untitled [Tiny cabin below snowy mountain]dated1977
DSC-0609The Lookoutdated1974
DSC-0610Ideal Lightdated1975
DSC-0611Untitled [Seaplane landing on water]ca.1967-1970
DSC-0612Untitled [Tugboat towing cruise ship]dated1984
DSC-0614Day Offca.1970
DSC-0615Soaring Over the Rio Grandedated1980
DSC-0616Garrison’s Tugdated1975
DSC-0617Alan’s Outpostdated1977
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Catalog Update 9/20/21

by Gaylen Solomon Corbett

This weekend I cataloged around 20 paintings, but have not completed data entry for all of them yet.

I am tranferring all slides from their old, dusty plastic sleeves to fresh new ones. The new sleeves are being stored in an archival binder to protect them from dust. I will definitely need more than one binder to hold them all. I am preserving slides of the artist’s reference photos, as well as his paintings.

David Solomon Catalogue RaisonnĂ© Project

Blog post by historian Gaylen Solomon Corbett

In 2017, I began scanning the hundreds of slides documenting the artwork created by my father, artist David Solomon. Four years later, the process is ongoing and taking more shape.

Solomon did not keep written records of his paintings, exhibitions or achievements, but he did keep a good photographic record. To date, I have documented over 600 paintings from slides, photographs, CD-Roms and digital photos. They have been compiled into a database with as much information for each painting as I can locate. This blog will serve as a record of the cataloging process from here forward.