Catalogue Raisonné


The catalogue raisonné for David Solomon (b. 1943) is currently being compiled by Gaylen Solomon Corbett. The works catalogued to date may be viewed at the link above, where artwork may be searched by title or subject. It is estimated that Solomon created thousands of paintings in his 50 year career, so there are many more that will be added before the catalogue is complete. Research for this project began in 2017. Expected date of print publication is 2023.

To submit a painting for cataloging, please use complete this form. The majority of pieces are held in private collections throughout the world.

Note: Many pieces that are listed as “untitled” most likely received titles prior to framing, but were photographed without titles, so that information is not yet known. Titles will be added as they are discovered.

The complete Catalogue will include information on medium, year of creation and category of work.

Updated 9/14/21