Catalogue Raisonné

The catalogue raisonné for David Solomon (b. 1943) is currently being compiled by Gaylen Solomon Corbett. The following titles have been included thus far. It is estimated that Solomon created thousands of paintings in his 50 year career, so there are many more that will be added before the catalogue is complete. To submit a painting for cataloging, please use our Contact page. The majority of pieces are held in private collections throughout the world.

Catalog #TitleDatedCreation DateSubject
DSC-0064[Title Illegible]ca.1976Rusty pipe from granary through wooden supports
DSC-0606[Title Illegible]ca.1964-1971Tall ship on high seas against a cloudy sky.
DSC-01911000 Stepsdated1982
DSC-00021979 World Series of Pokerdated1979Treetop Strauss, Gabe Kaplan, Dewey Tomko
DSC-0315675 Oak Streetdated2006
DSC-0094A Day at the Beachca.2010
DSC-0015Alaskan Springca.1969-1971
DSC-0072Aliso Creek, Laguna Beachdated2000
DSC-0135America’s Cupdated1984Commissioned artwork for America’s Cup
DSC-0573America’s Cupca.1995-1998View of green valley with eucalyptus trees in foreground.
DSC-0400April Acresca.1971-1973
DSC-0401Aspen Treesca.1971-1973
DSC-0402Autumn Basketsca.1971-1973
DSC-0340B29 at March Air Museumca.2004
DSC-0119Back Porchca.1981
DSC-0232Back Yarddated1976
DSC-0181Bacon & Eggsca.1981
DSC-0192Baja Coastdated1980Fisherman on the rocks, crashing surf.
DSC-0161Balboa Pavillionca.1979
DSC-0592Berth Bounddated1982
DSC-0491Bette Davis Houseca.1990-1995
DSC-0403Beverly Hills Hoteldated1986
DSC-0328Big Tootca.1985
DSC-0051Billie’s Place (Record Ave.)ca.1980
DSC-0110Boat Canyon, Lagunaca.2011
DSC-0052Burned Outca.1975-1978
DSC-0405Cable Workersca.1964-1969
DSC-0134Cafe Tarataca.1980
DSC-0156Canyon Acresca.1975-1976Demonstration. White house, paned glass window, bushes.
DSC-0327Capri, Italyca.2004
DSC-0512Carta Blancaca.1990-1995
DSC-0083Casa Blancadated2010
DSC-0154Casa Blanca (2)ca.2018Outdoor sink, back door and window
DSC-0071Casa Laguna Inndated2010
DSC-0523Catalina Casinodated1990
DSC-0031Catalina Islanddated1995
DSC-0143Centavaca.2013Mother and child in Mexican villa
DSC-0330Church at Hotel Palmillaca.1992
DSC-0098City Halldated2009
DSC-0120Clayton’s Marinaca.1970
DSC-0575Cliff Dwellerca.1985-1995Cactus growing on a rocky cliff.
DSC-0008Cliff Dwellersca.1977Houses on edge of concrete ravine
DSC-0306Cliff Dwellersdated1984House perched on rocky cliff, crashing surf.
DSC-0233Coal Yard Bluesca.1980
DSC-0407Cold Owens Valleydated1978
DSC-0408Colorado Springdated1974
DSC-0128Colorado Tiersdated1978
DSC-0335Cook Outca.1978
DSC-0028Corner Lightca.2000Recreation of original work created in 1976.
DSC-0027Corner Lightdated1976
DSC-0264Cottage Restaurantca.2009
DSC-0265Coyote Grillca.2009
DSC-0065Crystal Coveca.2005
DSC-0351Crystal Covedated2003Cottages and white fences at Crystal Cove.
DSC-0599Crystal Covedated1981
DSC-0227Crystal Coveca.1980Cottages near palm and eucalyptus trees.
DSC-0352Crystal Cove, Ca.dated1985Rustic cottage and leaning fence.
DSC-0353Dana Dazedated2003
DSC-0589Dana Point Harbordated1981
DSC-0354Dana Pt.dated2003
DSC-0036Dawn Patrolca.1980
DSC-0409Deep Woods Reflectionsca.1971-1973
DSC-0311Demonstration Sketchca.1980
DSC-0244Demonstration, Arizonaca.1974-1976
DSC-0355Desert Bountydated2003
DSC-0092Desert Hilltopca.2010
DSC-0090Dock Repairsca.2005
DSC-0324Downtown Laguna Beach*ca.2000
DSC-0089East L.A.dated2000
DSC-0582East of house with burgundy shed, wood and chainlink fences. City in background.
DSC-0179Eastern Turfca.1976Old car parked in vacant lot.
DSC-0087Eastern Turfca.1976Houses on edge of concrete ravine
DSC-0079Eastern Turf (Remastered)dated2005
DSC-0009Easy Winds / Laguna Windsdated1981
DSC-0062Ecstasy of Icarusdated1980
DSC-0294El Toro & Laguna Canyondated1980
DSC-0410Ely Cathedralca.1964-1970
DSC-0136English Gardendated2010
DSC-0229Family Tiesdated1980
DSC-0217Fantaseadated1979Large rock in the surf.
DSC-0126Farewell Ferryca.1981
DSC-0316Festival of Arts / Pageant of the Masters Posterdated1999Commissioned poster.
DSC-0266Five Feetca.2009
DSC-0493Fladeboe’s Drive Inca.1996-2003
DSC-0115Flat Bottom Blueca.1981
DSC-0142Foggy Wayca.1981
DSC-0593Fort Bragg, Noyo Riverdated1981
DSC-0018Fowler’s Finaledated1979
DSC-0461Fresh Dailydated1989
DSC-0267Fresh Produceca.2009
DSC-0118Fresh Waterca.1969-1971
DSC-0193From Moss Pointdated1977
DSC-0037Front porch swing*ca.1978
DSC-0296Front porch*ca.1976
DSC-0333Go (Brooklyn & Ford)ca.1974-1976
DSC-0500Gold Coastdated1990
DSC-0411Gold Dustca.1974
DSC-0452Grainery Dazedated1975
DSC-0150Granary Daze (Rough)ca.1979
DSC-0016Grand Staircaseca.1976
DSC-0006Grey Daysca.1988
DSC-0356Harbor Knightsdated2001
DSC-0167Harmony on the Oregon Coastca.1980
DSC-0495Havana Harborca.
DSC-0486Heart Landdated1992Old car parked in a vacant lot below a small house.
DSC-0050Hidden Beautyca.1980
DSC-0567High [Title Illegible]dated1981Small fishing boat going over a wave.
DSC-0216High Bredca.1974-1975
DSC-0148High Lightca.1980
DSC-0583High Roostdated1981
DSC-0499Highway 1, North of Fort Braggdated1995
DSC-0540Hill Countryca.1975
DSC-0207Hillside Delightca.1976
DSC-0116Holding Backca.1969-1971
DSC-0124Holding Her Ownca.1967-1970
DSC-0268Holiday Inn (1)ca.2009
DSC-0269Holiday Inn (2)ca.2009
DSC-0489Hollister Peakca.1990-1995
DSC-0041Home Makersdated1974
DSC-0412Hopeful Horizondated1976
DSC-0081Hotel Lagunaca.2010
DSC-0487Hotel Nacional, Havana, Cuba
DSC-0033Hotel Palmilladated1992Fountain with archways and palm trees
DSC-0024House Huntingca.1976
DSC-0040Icarus (Remastered)ca.2017Icarus with Poseidon and Mermaid under the sea
DSC-0413Iglesia, 3rd St.dated1976
DSC-0601Illegibleca.1975-1980Two ships struggling through stormy seas.
DSC-0075Inn at Laguna Beachdated2007
DSC-0297Irvine Covedated1980
DSC-0415Irvine Granneryca.1976
DSC-0088Irvine Storeca.2005
DSC-0214Iver and Wedelca.1985Tugboats docked with churning water.
DSC-0129Jennifer’s Bottomca.1981Is this the sketch or final piece?
DSC-0070Johnny Rocketsca.2010
DSC-0133La Canchaca.1980
DSC-0172La Fondaca.1995
DSC-0073La Fonda, Bajadated2008
DSC-0483Lag Townca.1996-1999
DSC-0095Lag Towndated1997View of Main Beach looking south
DSC-0022Laguna Beachdated1986Neighborhood street, house with stone chimney
DSC-0366Laguna Beachdated1984
DSC-0171Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce Sealca.1974-1976Graphic design depicting Poseidon god of the sea, theather, arts, ballet, sun.
DSC-0194Laguna Beach, Ca.dated1986View of Main Beach looking south from Bird Rock.
DSC-0137Laguna Benchdated1980
DSC-0078Laguna Canyonca.2010
DSC-0367Laguna Canyondated2002
DSC-0030Laguna Canyontimeline1990Woman sitting in front of sycamore trees. [Painting in 1990, but signed with incorrect year.]
DSC-0326Laguna Canyon*ca.2000
DSC-0100Laguna Cinemadated2009
DSC-0299Laguna Gablesca.1980
DSC-0106Laguna Porschedated1982
DSC-0558Laguna Sunsetdated1981
DSC-0226Laguna Winterca.1982
DSC-0017Land Escapedated1977
DSC-0049Last Loaddated1975
DSC-0284Lazy Red (2)ca.2010
DSC-0091Lazy Red, San Fran, 1979ca.2014
DSC-0021Lion Fountainca.1976
DSC-0230Livlier Daysca.1971-1973
DSC-0182Lost City of Atlantisdated1997Commissioned poster for sand castle contest
DSC-0228Lost City: Enlightenmentca.2018
DSC-0219Lost City: Lightningca.2016Mystical gateway with lightning electrifying globe.
DSC-0218Lost City: Pyramidca.2016Mystical gateway with floating pyramid, lava.
DSC-0220Lost City: Volcanoca.2016Mystical gateway with volcano in the distance.
DSC-0368Lost Horizondated2002
DSC-0369Love in the Afternoonca.2002
DSC-0043Love Lettersca.1976
DSC-0370Lover’s Lanedated2000
DSC-0300Main Beachca.1978
DSC-0605Mara Vistaca.1975-1976Houses on edge of concrete ravine. Neighborhood in background.
DSC-0195Maria, Bajadated1993
DSC-0274Marine Roomca.2009
DSC-0044Mission Inndated1979
DSC-0561Monarch Baydated1981
DSC-0069Monterey, CAca.2005Cannary Row buildings, crashing surf
DSC-0445Morning Glassdated1976
DSC-0417Morning Icedated1974
DSC-0550Morning Marketdated1990
DSC-0042Morning Sideca.1976
DSC-0442Morning Washca.1974-1976
DSC-0151Moscow Theaterca.2000Ochestra playing in theater
DSC-0055Moss Landing Laborca.1980
DSC-0014Moss Point, Laguna Beachdated1986House and gardens above rocky cliff
DSC-0235Moulton Ranch Southern Lightdated1979
DSC-0317Mountain & Glenneyreca.1980
DSC-0048Movin’ Ondated1975
DSC-0517Napa Valleyca.1995
DSC-0236Native Sonsdated1977
DSC-0362Neon (Whittier & Gage)ca.1974-1976Alt. Title: “Whittier Market”
DSC-0418New Mexico Roadsdated1975
DSC-0594New York Tugdated1981
DSC-0502Nina of Sevilledated1988
DSC-0080Nite Traindated1997
DSC-0419No Parkingca.1975
DSC-0125North Lightdated1989Figure repairing a ship named “FRAN-K”
DSC-0104North of the Surfca.1995
DSC-0060Notre Dameca.1969-1970
DSC-0291Noyo Riverdated1980Original version.
DSC-0292Noyo River, Fort Bragg, Ca (remastered)ca.2010
DSC-0506O’Brien Brothersdated1994Sportfishing boat.
DSC-0420Ol’ Mr. Cedarca.1971-1973
DSC-0034Old Tiesca.1980
DSC-0334On Iceca.1978
DSC-0067On the Dockca.2005
DSC-0421Open Housedated1978
DSC-0173Orange Innca.2010
DSC-0325Orchestra Pit*ca.2000
DSC-0522Oregon Coastca.1974-1975
DSC-0422Oregon Visitorca.1971-1973
DSC-0093Oscar’s Bajaca.2005
DSC-0256Outskirtsca.1981Rustic homestead
DSC-0141Paint Outca.2013Wine and food on a table in desert landscape
DSC-0032Palmilla Bardated1992Villa with staircase and courtyard by the sea
DSC-0023Past Pridesdated1976
DSC-0276Penguin Cafeca.2009
DSC-0423Phoenix Skylinedated1983
DSC-0304Poplar Alleyca.2002
DSC-0038Porch Hammockca.1978
DSC-0373Positanoca.2003Hillside building and markets.
DSC-0102Pottery Shackdated2009
DSC-0283Pottery Shackca.2009
DSC-0053Pozo Saloondated1978
DSC-0305Pozo Saloonca.1981
DSC-0058Priced to Sellca.1974-1976
DSC-0533Prime Timedated1995
DSC-0570R & Rdated1982
DSC-0322Rail Yard*ca.2000
DSC-0246Railyard Bluesca.1980
DSC-0424Rainbow Ridgedated1976
DSC-0329Rancho Santa Fe*ca.2000
DSC-0560Rapid Transitdated1981
DSC-0026Really Well Seasonedca.1985
DSC-0374Red Devildated1995
DSC-0248Resting Railsca.1980
DSC-0375Revival Meetingdated1996
DSC-0285Riddle Fielddated2006
DSC-0198Rock & Rolldated1984
DSC-0025Rock Dwellerca.1987House on cliff above tidepools and surf
DSC-0298Rock Ledgedated1984
DSC-0584Rock Ledge Coastdated1981
DSC-0197Rockledge to Moss Pointca.1985
DSC-0185Rocky Roostdated1976
DSC-0290Room with a Viewdated2003
DSC-0074Sacramento Raildated1991
DSC-0308Salmon Bay, Seattleca.1980
DSC-0309Sammy’s Gardenca.1971-1973
DSC-0086San Pedroca.2005
DSC-0571Sand Canyon Roadca.1982
DSC-0472Santa Margarita, Italydated1990
DSC-0046Sea Plowdated1981
DSC-0462Sea Plowca.1986-1988
DSC-0210Sea Scrapesca.1978
DSC-0319Seattle Ladydated1976Alt Title: “Facelift for Agnes”
DSC-0287Secret Coveca.2000
DSC-0565Senor Valdezdated1981
DSC-0426September Laceca.1971-1973
DSC-0427Shade Off Shastadated1984
DSC-0428Shifting Sandsca.1969-1974
DSC-0604Short Cutca.1974-1975
DSC-0406SJ Capistrano Farmdated1980
DSC-0576Sketch for Outskirtsdated1981
DSC-0222Sleepy Goveca.1971-1973
DSC-0163Sleepy Hollowca.1971-1973
DSC-0250Snow Tracksdated1976
DSC-0162Sold Outca.1971-1973
DSC-0164South for the Winterca.1971-1973
DSC-0166South of Mossdated1980
DSC-0199South to Victoriadated1977
DSC-0004Spanish Windowca.1987
DSC-0331Splish Splash*ca.2000
DSC-0068Split Mountaindated1995
DSC-0159St. Mary’sca.1980
DSC-0448St. Petersburgdated1990Tree-lined pathway in park.
DSC-0378Stair Lightca.1974-1975
DSC-0430Summer Dynastyca.1971-1973
DSC-0007Summer Setsca.1986
DSC-0019Summer Woodsca.1971-1973
DSC-0077Sunday Morning Street Scraperdated2008
DSC-0186Sunday Sundownca.1974-1976
DSC-0160Surf & Sanddated1985
DSC-0029Surfing Santadated1994
DSC-0085Swell Seasonedca.1995
DSC-0288Taco Lococa.2009
DSC-0323Tecate and Camaronesca.2000
DSC-0553The Double Eagledated1983
DSC-0109The Fraternityca.1975-1980
DSC-0097The Lumberyarddated2009
DSC-0066The Mariottca.2005
DSC-0146The Mariottdated1998Red roofs of Mariott Hotel, sailboats.
DSC-0251The Ol’ Prince Minedated1976
DSC-0084The Ol’ Toll Roadca.1995
DSC-0169Tim’s Outpostdated1977Star Wars inspired space station.
DSC-0252Tin Shelterca.1974-1975
DSC-0470Title Illegibledated1989Green hills and canyon with boulder and gnarled branch in foreground.
DSC-0471Title Illegibledated1996-1999Alt. Title: “The 5:15” Train passing through rocky canyon.
DSC-0473Title Illegibledated1980Farm workers in a field lined with eucalyptus trees. Power lines in the distance.
DSC-0549Title Illegibledated1989Men pushing boat off beach into the ocean. Hills in background.
DSC-0223To Dimadated1990Drawing of Russian translator Dmitry Matsenov
DSC-0450To Noyo Is To Love Yodated1992
DSC-0488Tortilla Moonca.1990-1995
DSC-0063Treasure Islandca.2005
DSC-0273Treasure Island Southdated2003
DSC-0289Treasure Island Southca.2006
DSC-0174Truck Stopca.1979
DSC-0381Up Aliso Creekca.1980
DSC-0313Va Vau Dinnerca.1990
DSC-0314Victorville Vagasdated1981
DSC-0225Walk the Linedated2009
DSC-0076Wally’s Barber ShopLaguna Beach, Ca.2010
DSC-0215Washed Outca.1978
DSC-0127Wednesday Winddated1977
DSC-0440Wellca.1964-1969Overhead view of stone well and person carrying water buckets.
DSC-0003Well Seasonedca.1975
DSC-0260West Sideca.1980
DSC-0039What’s Sewdated1977
DSC-0205White Tideca.1985
DSC-0180Whittier Market Choresca.1974-1976Alt. Title: “East L.A. Drier”
DSC-0001Wicker Chairca.1976
DSC-0213Winter Shadowsca.1971-1974
DSC-0224Woods Coveca.1985
DSC-0586Woods Covedated1981
DSC-0242Yard Stocksdated1979
DSC-0581Your High Nestsca.1981
DSC-0005Untitleddated1990Mexico homestead on the coast
DSC-0010Untitledca.1988Window with flowers, above arched doorway
DSC-0011Untitledca.1976Cottage with brick chimney, greenery, cobblestones
DSC-0012Untitledca.1976Cottage with thatch over doorway, cobblestones
DSC-0013Untitledca.1985Tugboats tied to dock
DSC-0020Untitledca.1978House with picket fence
DSC-0045Untitledca.1979Figure standing by fish market.
DSC-0047Untitleddated1993Figure washing steam locomotive
DSC-0056Untitleddated1981Tugboat at dock, reflections on water
DSC-0059Untitledca.1964-1969Rendering of futuristic building
DSC-0061Untitledca.1971-1973Aged white wooden house, fence
DSC-0082Untitleddated2004Sailboats docked on a foggy day
DSC-0099Untitledca.1995View of golf course and eucalyptus trees
DSC-0101Untitledca.2003View of downtown from above.
DSC-0103Untitledca.2000-2005Sunbathers, Hotel Laguna in background
DSC-0105Untitledca.2005Vertical view of golf course, eucalyptus trees
DSC-0111Untitledca.2007Intersection, neighborhood.
DSC-0112Untitledca.2000Stucco building with Pacifico mural.
DSC-0113Untitleddated1981Fishing boat passing through harbor
DSC-0114Untitleddated1981House on stilts with boat dock at low tide
DSC-0117Untitleddated1981Tugboats in stormy seas
DSC-0121Untitleddated1981Boat at rustic dock, low tide
DSC-0130Untitledca.1981Harbor scene with rigging in foreground.
DSC-0131Untitledca.2009Harbor, tall ship at sunset
DSC-0132Untitledca.1981Tug boat on land.
DSC-0139Untitledca.2010One Way sign and alley with telephone poles.
DSC-0140Untitledca.2010House, alley with telephone poles.
DSC-0144Untitledca.2013Aerial view of coastal city.
DSC-0145Untitledca.2010Aerial view of small East L.A. dwellings with skyscrapers in background
DSC-0147Untitledca.2000Aerial view of building and ships at Dana Point Harbor
DSC-0149Untitledca.2010Boxes of colorful produce at European market
DSC-0152Untitledca.2018Landscape at Rancho Mission Viejo Reserve
DSC-0153Untitledca.2018Abandoned building on Route 66
DSC-0155Untitledca.1979Old truck filled with junk
DSC-0157Untitledca.1984View of downtown from studio above Jolly Roger.
DSC-0158Untitledca.1983Mining encampment near rock formations
DSC-0165Untitleddated1967Dune buggies in the sand
DSC-0168Untitleddated2004Sailboat docked near restaurants.
DSC-0175Untitledca.2010Rusty propeller plane. Larger aircraft in background.
DSC-0176Untitledca.1980Mine in desert landscape.
DSC-0177Untitledca.1980Desert rock formation, mountainside in the snow
DSC-0178Untitledca.1980Temple on water’s edge with reflections, sailboat
DSC-0183Untitledca.1978Spanish style building and garden.
DSC-0187Untitleddated1981Houses and trash cans in alleyway
DSC-0188Untitledca.1980Arched concrete bridge, house with stairway.
DSC-0189Untitledca.1980View of wooden house from below
DSC-0190Untitledca.1980Two-story house surrounded by trees, pampass grass
DSC-0196Untitledca.1985House on cliff above crashing surf.
DSC-0200Untitledca.1985Thousand Steps beach
DSC-0201Untitledca.1985Big surf at Main Beach, Laguna
DSC-0202Untitledca.1985Sea level view from Rockpile to Main Beach
DSC-0203Untitledca.1980Rough sea crashing over tidal rocks
DSC-0204Untitledca.1985Sunbathers at Main Beach
DSC-0206Untitledca.1980House hiding behind trees, brush
DSC-0208Untitledca.1985Commissioned painting of Hedges Family Cabin.
DSC-0209Untitledca.1976Monica Market
DSC-0211Untitledca.1975-1978Train trestles, wetlands.
DSC-0212Untitleddated1989Sailboats docked by tropical landscape.
DSC-0221Untitledca.1981Reflections, pier pilings. Boat in drydock in background.
DSC-0231Untitledca.1980Rustic stone building, wooden water tower.
DSC-0238Untitleddated1977Farmhouse, wet-on-wet.
DSC-0239Untitledca.1980Rustic buildings near abandoned railroad tracks.
DSC-0240Untitledca.1980Wheelbarrow, figure in distance carrying painting equipment.
DSC-0241Untitledca.1980Rustic lumberyard
DSC-0243Untitledca.1974-1976Monotone building.
DSC-0245Untitledca.1974-1975Popcorn truck
DSC-0253Untitleddated1981Old mine or factory
DSC-0254Untitledca.1980Mine detail
DSC-0255Untitleddated1981Mine, train trestle
DSC-0257Untitledca.1981Mine, train trestle
DSC-0258Untitleddated1981Railyard building
DSC-0262Untitledca.1980Beach house.
DSC-0270Untitledca.2009Hotel at corner of Cress Street & PCH, Laguna Beach.
DSC-0271Untitledca.2008Pedestrians crossing the street by Hotel Laguna.
DSC-0272Untitledca.2009Bartender and patrons at Las Brisas.
DSC-0277Untitleddated1979World Series of Poker players.
DSC-0278Untitledca.1980Native American camp
DSC-0279Untitledca.1980Native American Island camp
DSC-0280Untitledca.1980San Clemente Pier
DSC-0281Untitledca.2010Blue house on Poplar Street.
DSC-0282Untitledca.2010Turquoise house on Poplar Street.
DSC-0286Untitledca.2003Mural for IHOP. Cityscape with view of mission.
DSC-0293Untitledca.1980Train trestles looking North.
DSC-0301Untitledca.1986Farm field and road.
DSC-0302Untitleddated2019Wildflowers and trees on a hillside.
DSC-0303Untitledca.1982Shadow of a large tree falling over a road.
DSC-0310Untitleddated1990Ships in St. Petersburg Harbor, Russia.
DSC-0312Untitleddated1984Farmhouses and fences along country roads.
DSC-0318Untitledca.1980Towering rock formation, green trees, stream.
DSC-0320Untitleddated1980Tugboats at dock.
DSC-0321Untitledca.1996-2000Sailboat docked at a tropical harbor.
DSC-0337Untitleddated1995Santa Fe Springs Train
DSC-0338Untitledca.1991Cranes building 73 Toll Road along Laguna Canyon Road.
DSC-0339Untitledca.1991Dumptrucks crossing new bridge over Laguna Canyon Road.
DSC-0341Untitledca.2005Sycamore trees and hillsides.
DSC-0342Untitledca.2005Colorful sunset over California landscape.
DSC-0343Untitledca.2005Wisteria vines and pillars with fountain.
DSC-0344Untitledca.2005Koi pond with California landscape in background.
DSC-0345Untitledca.2005Hillside villages of Italy.
DSC-0346Untitledca.2005Trees and boulders in front of purple hillsides.
DSC-0347Untitledca.2005Wildflowers and oak trees near creek.
DSC-0348Untitledca.2005Koi pond with California landscape in background.
DSC-0349Untitledca.2005Sunset over California landscape.
DSC-0357Untitledca.2002IHOP Mural 1
DSC-0358Untitledca.2002IHOP Mural 2
DSC-0359Untitledca.2003Produce market.
DSC-0360Untitledca.2003Alley with produce stand and buildings.
DSC-0361Untitledca.2003Architectural details and outdoor seating.
DSC-0363Untitledca.2003Commissioned by La Costa Resort Hotel.
DSC-0364Untitledca.2003Commissioned by La Costa Resort Hotel.
DSC-0365Untitledca.2003Commissioned by La Costa Resort Hotel.
DSC-0371Untitledca.2002Broken concrete pillar and canneries with ships in background.
DSC-0376Untitleddated2009Desert Hacienda
DSC-0377Untitledca.1992Sculpture Commission.
DSC-0379Untitledca.2002Palms above Picnic Beach
DSC-0380Untitleddated2006View of Mariott Hotel from Doheny
DSC-0382Untitledca.2003Seascape with cliffs
DSC-0383Untitleddated2004Tropical Airplane and Hangar
DSC-0384Untitledca.1990-1995Fountain with swans. Park trees and pathways in background.
DSC-0385Untitledca.2002Bette Davis House
DSC-0386Untitledca.1985Stairs near Rockledge
DSC-0387Untitledca.2006Mariott Hotel
DSC-0388Untitledca.2003Capri with columns
DSC-0389Untitledca.2003Paso Robles
DSC-0390Untitledca.2003Doubletree Hotel
DSC-0391Untitledca.2003Road curving through the landscape.
DSC-0393Untitledca.2003Harbor from above, study
DSC-0394Untitledca.2003Tecate tower
DSC-0395Untitledca.2003Ice Cream stand
DSC-0396Untitledca.2003Inn at Laguna
DSC-0397Untitledca.2003View from Top of the World
DSC-0398Untitledca.2003Planes at March Air Museum
DSC-0399Untitledca.2003Planes at March Air Museum
DSC-0414Untitledca.1975-1978Interior setting with books and television on a table. Bookcase in background.
DSC-0416Untitleddated1975-1978Lobster on white background
DSC-0425Untitleddated1978Seagull flying over the ocean.
DSC-0429Untitleddated1982Cityscape with skyscrapers
DSC-0431Untitleddated1974Barn in the snow with bare trees.
DSC-0432Untitleddated1981House at corner of a country road intersection.
DSC-0433Untitledca.1969-1970East Asian boats
DSC-0434Untitleddated1974Man in white reading a book.
DSC-0435Untitleddated1979Horses near a dirt road. Eucalyptus trees in foreground.
DSC-0436Untitledca.1970-1974Boat carrying lumber, tied to post.
DSC-0437Untitledca.1970-1979Big tree near road with mailbox in foreground.
DSC-0438Untitledca.1980Sailboat anchored with sails down.
DSC-0439Untitleddated1979View of boats on sand from under the pier.
DSC-0441Untitleddated1995Pirate at helm watching other tall ships in rough seas.
DSC-0443Untitleddated1982Dry brush and barren tree in a rocky wash. Green hills in background.
DSC-0444Untitleddated1988Pioneer Inn with figures in foreground.
DSC-0446Untitledca.1986-1988Tugboat in rough seas.
DSC-0447Untitledca.1990Two arched doorways with balconies above.
DSC-0449Untitledca.1990-1995Imaginary villa with seawall and figures on stairs.
DSC-0451Untitledca.1990-1995Gazebo and Las Brisas restaurant at night. Palm trees and flowers in foreground.
DSC-0453Untitledca.1994Lifeguard boat in front of Newport Harbor
DSC-0454Untitledca.1990-1995Villa by the sea with palm trees and cloudy sky.
DSC-0455Untitledca.1969-1972Sailors on deck preparing to raise sails.
DSC-0456Untitleddated1993Dickman’s Works wharf building. Broken pier piles in foreground.
DSC-0457Untitleddated1984America’s Cup sailboat with forested coastline
DSC-0458Untitledca.1996-2000White buildings of Orthodox church on coast
DSC-0459Untitledca.1986-1989Tugboat in stormy seas
DSC-0460Untitledca.1980Figures passing through rustic archway
DSC-0463Untitledca.1994Sportfishing boat with white wash against sunset sky.
DSC-0464Untitledca.1996-1999Spanish style villa
DSC-0465Untitledca.1990-1995Villa on rocks near a stream
DSC-0466Untitledca.1996-1999View of downtown Laguna Beach from above.
DSC-0467Untitledca.1989Woman prepares tortillas in courtyard with city in background.
DSC-0468Untitledca.1992Hotel pool with palm trees and ocean in background.
DSC-0469Untitledca.1990-1995Desert landscape with cactus in foreground, rustic homestead in background. Ocean in the distance.
DSC-0474Untitleddated1995Three pirates preparing to hoist sails, surrounded by cannons and ships wrigging.
DSC-0475Untitledca.1990-1995Boat named ‘Euphoria II’ on wooden ramp near rocky shore.
DSC-0476Untitledca.1990-1995Boat on the beach near house and palapas.
DSC-0477Untitledca.1990-1995Woman skinny dipping in the ocean. Sailboat on the water will hills and a cloudy sky.
DSC-0478Untitledca.1987-1989Tropical flowers in foreground. Lagoon and steep tropical mountains in background.
DSC-0479Untitledca.1990-1995Las Brisas restaurant with flowers in foreground, palm tree at center.
DSC-0480Untitleddated1993City with skyscrapers, view from top floor of highrise.
DSC-0481Untitledca.1990-1995Two figures at entrance to La Fonda restaurant.
DSC-0482Untitleddated1991House with turret on cliff above crashing surf.
DSC-0484Untitledca.1985-1990Green Rolls Royce with figure behind the wheel, airplane in background.
DSC-0485Untitleddated1984Two-story house on cliff with giant waves crashing to top of cliffs.
DSC-0490Untitledca.1990-1995Study for DSC-496: Desert landscape with cactus in foreground.
DSC-0492Untitledca.1981Boat in drydock near water. Reflections in foreground.
DSC-0494Untitledca.1996-2003Classic cars with surfboards on the sand with ocean and sunset in background.
DSC-0496Untitledca.1988Waitress picking up chair at outdoor cafe.
DSC-0497Untitledca.1990-1995Fishing boat in rough seas.
DSC-0498Untitleddated1989Villa by the sea.
DSC-0501Untitledca.1990Old mining equipment in desert landscape.
DSC-0503Untitleddated1988Window with shutters. Arched entrance to courtyard.
DSC-0504Untitledca.1990-1995Pirate ship on stormy seas.
DSC-0505Untitleddated1981Wood Cove beach, looking south.
DSC-0507Untitledca.1993Man washing steam engine.
DSC-0508Untitledca.1995Man washing steam engine.
DSC-0509Untitledca.1996-2000Mardi Gras street faire
DSC-0510Untitledca.1996-2000House on cliff with vine-covered rope bridge.
DSC-0511Untitleddated1990Aerial view of desert cliffs and an old mine.
DSC-0513Untitleddated1994Spanish villa by the sea.
DSC-0514Untitledca.1990-1995Nude woman wearing stockings sitting on a stool.
DSC-0515Untitledca.1990-1995Nude woman wearing wings and stockings.
DSC-0516Untitledca.1990-1995Hilltop towers with pond below.
DSC-0518Untitledca.1990-1995Rocky peak with dirt fields in foreground.
DSC-0519Untitleddated1990Wetlands with white bird.
DSC-0520Untitledseries1996Dumptrucks carrying boulders to industrial equipment.
DSC-0521Untitledseries1996Earthmover and dumptruck.
DSC-0524Untitleddated1990View of downtown Laguna from Cliff Drive.
DSC-0525Untitledca.2004View from hillside Italian villa.
DSC-0526Untitledca.1990Mystical boat and castle.
DSC-0527Untitledca.1990Broken tree bending over a rocky stream.
DSC-0528Untitledca.1996-2000Mardi Gras street faire with clowns in foreground.
DSC-0529Untitleddated1990View of harbor with palm tree in foreground.
DSC-0530Untitledca.1990-1995Close up view of steam train engine wheels.
DSC-0531Untitleddated1989Railyard with red engines. Old parts and culvert in foreground.
DSC-0532Untitleddated1990Sunflowers and farmhouse
DSC-0535Untitledca.1980-1985Fishing boat tied to post. Seagull on post in foreground.
DSC-0537Untitledca.1996-2000Villa with fountain, archways and paned glass window.
DSC-0538Untitledca.1990-1995Mining town perched on a rocky cliff. Rugged white mountains in background.
DSC-0539Untitleddated1990Rustic village with beach in background. Stream and clothesline in foreground.
DSC-0541Untitleddated1996Construction site with large conveyor belts and rubble piles.
DSC-0542Untitleddated1990Russian harbor with city and bascule bridge in background.
DSC-0544Untitleddated1999Boats docked at Dana Point Harbor. Row boat at left.
DSC-0545Untitledca.1990Waterside/hillside villa. Sea wall in foreground, waterfall in background.
DSC-0546Untitleddated1990Boat on ramp in a tropical setting. Building with red tile roof. Wooden piles in foreground.
DSC-0547Untitledca.1990-1995Villa on the sand with red tile roofs, palm trees.
DSC-0548Untitledca.1990Imaginary waterway with mystical boats and archway.
DSC-0551Untitledca.1990-1995Rocky inlet with pink villa. Columns and flowers in foreground.
DSC-0552Untitleddated1989Tugboat in drydock.
DSC-0554Untitledca.1980-1985Wooden barges docked in front of wharf building
DSC-0555Untitledca.1980-1985Study of wave crashing over a large rock.
DSC-0557Untitleddated1989Railyard with various train engines and buildings. Railroad ties and culvert in foreground.
DSC-0562Untitledca.1970-1972Biplane sitting in a snowy landscape.
DSC-0566Untitleddated195Close up America’s Cup sailboat with four figures.
DSC-0568Untitledca.1970-1971Bucket and water spigot in dry grass.
DSC-0569Untitledca.1969-1971Figure on deck of ship, surrounded by ship’s rigging.
DSC-0572Untitledca.1979-1980Old machinery in brush near tall brick tower.
DSC-0574Untitleddated1989Train traversing trestle over a rocky gorge. View from below.
DSC-0577Untitledca.1971-1973Circular painting. Trees and reflection on water.
DSC-0578Untitleddated1989View of ocean from Las Brisas restaurant.
DSC-0579Untitleddated1989Window with lace curtains surrounded by flowers. View of interior room.
DSC-0585Untitleddated1988Painted sketch of fishing boat at dock.
DSC-0587Untitleddated1989Spanish courtyard
DSC-0588Untitleddated1992Las Brisas restaurant in the evening (vertical).
DSC-0595Untitledca.1974-1980Two men leaning against a shiny black car at old gas station next to Brooklyn Tire.
DSC-0596Untitleddated1989Spanish style hotel near with ocean in background.
DSC-0597Untitleddated1989Rocky cove with figures launching a boat into the surf, walking on beach.
DSC-0600Untitleddated1988Victoria Beach tower in foreground. Rockledge Drive house on cliff in background.
DSC-0602Untitledca.1985-1995View of Doheny State Park bridge area, looking north from PCH & Doheny Park Road. House with tile roof in foreground.
DSC-0603Untitledca.1974-1975Backyard with trash cans, bicycle, junk and clothesline.
DSC-0122Untitleddated1979Reflections under a large ship.
DSC-0534Untitled (Inscription: “Merry Xmas”)dated1988Rustic wood cabin and watertower.

Note: Many pieces that are listed as “untitled” most likely received titles prior to framing, but were photographed without titles, so that information is not yet known. Titles will be added as they are discovered.

The complete Catalogue will include information on medium, year of creation and category of work.

Updated 9/14/21